Not, I suspect, the final frontier


Perhaps the best place to start this blog is with a sort of statement of intent.

Some Mid-Century schools had a Multi-Purpose room.  I want this to be a multi-purpose website.

There’s room for a lot of interactive play on an author’s site. So although I will write about writing and about books other than my own,  there will also be content for my readers – maps, charts, glossaries and whatever else turns out to be useful.  I hope to post some short pieces as well.

Since I’m as much a textile nerd as a book nerd, I have plans to post patterns for objects inspired by my worlds; knits, embroideries and other crafts, especially the stuffed sea creatures I’m working up that are just too cool not to share.

I would love for an art exchange to develop here.

I don’t know where all of this will lead. I’m looking forward to finding out.