So, How Much Is Too Much?


Like a lot of people, I have vacation plans this season.  I have to wonder though, how many of those people angst this much over what to pack.

I don’t mean clothes.

I tend to think of vacation as big long blocks of time in which I could do anything. So, should I take along an unfinished piece of knitting? I’ll have the time. Books I’ve always meant to read? Here’s one I haven’t heard on a writing site yet

Do you take writing work along?

Do you take those revisions you wanted to finished weeks ago? Do you take any writing materials? Or does that defeat the purpose of the whole venture?

I have this sort of creative, craft-oriented, story-related bag of  future blog stuff I could work on. It could be fun. Or, it could leave me feeling pressured to produce. I could use this as a great time to learn about incorporating that kind of material into a blog.

Or, I could just sleep the whole week.

Whichever it is, I guess you’ll be the first to know.






The whole idea behind setting up this website without all the bells and whistles–as yet–was to give me a chance to get comfortable with posting before I start in on learning how to ring the bells and blow the whistles.

Despite the fact that I’ve missed a couple of weeks, it is working. On top of which, the plans for the bells are shaping up and my work is working too.

I’ve produced a couple of fairly strong short pieces, since my last  post.

And I re-read my earliest novel, SW, before passing it to a friend who wants to beta-read for me.  I still laughed and cried in the same places; I couldn’t put it down for long stretches.  I still think that the story itself, to quote everyone who has read it, it “has something” .

However. I was struck by how stilted and cluttered the writing could be in places. The answer was right there; I gave myself a day to stop resisting the truth. I am now re-typing SW and re-writing every passage that no longer passes muster,  every word of  roughly eighty-thousand words.

Great books, I’ve been told, aren’t written, they’re re-written.

I don’t know that this is a great book. All I can do is make it the best book I can.

And practise my whistle, when I come up for air.