So Let It Be Written…


I have another short story for this past week. It’s about six-thousand words. I finished it under the wire; I was down sick.  I also have a rough for this week’s story, written out this morning in between packing lunches and fixing breakfasts. It looks no more than a thousand.

I started the week with an earache and tried the take-it-easy but go-about-your-routine approach. Unfortunately, my routine included scraping the ice off of my car and a forty-five minute bout of relentless stress brought on trying to get my offspring to a night class on time through no less than three unexpected construction zones. (Spoiler alert: I failed.)

Thursday I conceded defeat and took to my bed with notepad.  I didn’t get up again until Sunday.

But! The story is written.

So is this blog.




I finished a second story, for the second week.  It took until Saturday though, so, not much else is getting done. I’ve started a third.

I’ve re-read background on the agent; I’ll see if I can find some authors she’s represented and read about them.

I have some website notes.

I have some new ideas about an older work.

It doesn’t sound like much.

It’s progress.





I suppose New Year’s resolutions are generally composed more or less at New Year’s. We used to walk around a lake in a nearby park  January 1 and discuss them, once upon a time. That was before our  household added an early January birthday to the roster.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, the holidays aren’t over until the second week of January.  And, rather than brainstorming them out of thin air, I guess you could say such resolutions as I have evolved, kind of organically.

I took a bit out of the Sunday paper last week and spun a story with it. The original plan was to turn out one a month, but I’ll shoot to get one a week.  I’ve already started another, however…Realistically? My dad is probably facing heart surgery this year and I have to move a freshman to college.  But I’m off to a decent start.

Resident Expert and I have both resolved to blog with regularity, no matter what hits the fan.  Another good start.

I plan to get out a query a month. Not shooting real darn high with that one, I’ll admit.  However, slow but steady beats out erratic, which is what I have been. Picked an agency, picked an agent. Have plans to re-read said novel and query letter and try again.  I can do this thing.

So far, I’m just using my basic blog site without actually moving in, hanging curtains, painting the walls, you know, making it mine. So, a time line for adding the extras will be finished by the end of this month.

Moving in will include having at least the first of my craft-themed postings out by mid-year.

Also, I hope to have at least one short work out there at all time.  That is a little ambitious.

I’ve already typed in a half of a novel for which I only had a hand-written copy. I will outline all of my notes for the rest of it.

I don’t know when I’ll finish my other novel series. Whenever I do, I suppose.










Here I Go Again


I just re-read my posts for the past year.

Actually, I read my posts for the past-year-minus-one-month because I only made my first post in February.


Less than a year.

I broke through the wall on short work. I worked at meeting word count goals. I did a total re-type revise on half a novel–half, because it picked up beyond that point.

I didn’t do much querying. I did do some short submissions. I didn’t finish my larger work-in-progress. I now have a couple of novellas under my belt.

I became comfortable with blogging.

I became comfortable with not blogging, because life does things to you sometimes, and picked it back up again.

I’m back where I started, which was-

can’t wait to see what happens this year.