I had a bit of an insight on the subject of my clothes-of-other-times fascination. I was browsing a kimono website,  window shopping, and thinking that if I did  place an order, I would want the under-garments, the accessory kits, etc.  Part of attraction is found in the business of how it all goes together.

So,  I realized that what is so interesting about Victorian clothing is, in part, the layers that build it, i.e. the drawers under the chemise, the chemise under the corset, the petticoats over the corset and chemise and so forth.

All of which parallels that which is interesting about the composition of a story, in the form of layers, structure, details and the final experience of pleasure–or not–depending upon the degree of success achieved in the balancing of all of these things.

Applying all of this to the subject of story-telling will have to wait for another post; this week is going to be a busy one.


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