Numbers Do Not Lie, But, I Am Not A Number

I’ve counted the number of weeks in the year so far and the answer is twenty-nine. I’ve counted the number of completed stories this year and the answer is nineteen.

I’ve counted the number of days until I leave the offspring at a college dorm and drive away and the answer is thirty-five.

I’ve spoken to my father and it will be another four weeks of physical therapy before he is sure how far his recovery will progress.

I have to make time for the people in my life.

I know what happened; I lost all momentum to the demands that were put upon me by other people this year.

……..I’m back. Just after I typed that, my mate came in to tell me he needed me to hold something for him while he fastened it.  Only a few seconds later, the offspring came in to ask me to help move a shelf as she is re-organizing her room.

Is there anything I can add that expresses the whole cosmic joke better than that?





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