Taking Stock

So, here we are.

There’s time to take a look at my goals.

Story every week? No. At least one for every month? Yes.

Blog Posting? Not too bad, could be better.

Reorganization of site? No. Too much going on. There’s a lot of learning curve in it for me and I can’t yet justify hiring help.

Queries? That’s an interesting one. The truth is, I’m not ready. Five years ago, when I finished my first book, I was so ready to be published. Now, reading the comments of authors who are, I realize that it is a very demanding commitment, not unlike parenthood, not to be undertaken lightly. I’m not ready.

I do however, intend to keep sending out short works. I’ve had enough near hits at acceptance to want to pursue that even more.

So off I go, to send out another piece.






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