Quo Vadis

I came not to add to this blog, but to bury it — or at least, put it on official temporary hiatus.

Wow, it’s kinda dusty here.

Some of the reason for that is that I do answer to a lot of demands over the end of the year holidays.  Some of the reason has to do with adjusting to a very different life – the proverbial “empty nest”.  Some of it is plain old “blank page” syndrome.

Writing has been a bit flat lately.  I have none of the fire I did last year.  Some of that is probably because I am working  through grief. On the other hand, when I do write, I think the work I do is better than before.

There is no way around the fact that, as a shy person, I still have to overcome a lot of hesitation about putting myself out there. Even if “there” is “here”, which, at this point in time, might as well be a room all by myself anyway.  The more I post, the easier it gets; I’ve known this for an age.  So, I have been trying to post every day to Facebook. Silly stuff, whatever is on my mind, pictures, serious stuff – just for the practice.

Which means I don’t need this site as much until – whenever.

But here I am, rambling on anyway.